Mission Hills High School Senior – Gina

She is smart, strong, funny, interesting, has a never give up attitude and is flat our beautiful inside and out.

She is a remarkable sister, student and a dedicated and intense midfielder for the Surf Soccer Club

I’m a little biased because she happens to be one of many fabulous nieces I am so fortunate to have and love.

I’m biased because we share a birthday.

I’m biased because this one gives as good as she gets and is a master of one-liners.

I call her Sassypants.

I imagine she might have something to say about me telling the world about that, but it may be my only chance and I’m not about to pass it up.

It has been my privilege to watch her grow up and I couldn’t be prouder.

We had SO much fun on this shoot as she showed me around the back roads of Del Mar that she knows so well.

I look forward to her bright future and grand adventures.

Cathy Roberts Photography-DSC_7293-web960

Cathy Robert Photography-DSC_7307-2ed-web960

Senior Girl by church door

Senior Girl Portrait at the beach

Del Mar beach Senior portrait

Senior Girl Portrait Del Mar beachSoccer portrait