Hello my name is Cathy. I live in Brookings, Oregon, an amazing little coastal town on the tippy far south coast of Oregon.

I’m a sap for love stories, musicals, babies, a beautiful sunset, cheese and a good red wine . I love made-up words.  I can do cartwheels and the splits. I am easily amused. By day I manage my hubby’s land surveying office.  To feed my creative soul I pursue photography.

I began my study of photography as an art student at Cal State Univ Long Beach, back when film was king and dinosaurs roamed the earth, armed with an Olympus OM-1 and on occasion, a 4×5 that I borrowed from the school.
I took a lifetime out to raise and educate our four energetic sons with my amazingly patient and supportive husband before feeling the pull to dive back in and really learn the digi side of things.

The thing I love most about photographing people is the generous way that my clients let me into their lives – to really get to know them.  It amazes me every time.  It inspires me to share images with them that truly show the beauty they know exists in their lives.  Their special bonds and special places.  Truth and beauty.  Because real is awesome.

When I’m not photographing people I can be found checking out the everyday gifts and cool things that God puts in my path, spending time with my hubby (my grounding and centering point…the one who keeps me sane) and family, raising vegetables for health and visual coolness, sitting on my deck listening to eclectic mixes on Pandora or my hubby practicing guitar, learning crazy and random new things that inspire the bizarre tangle that is my mind,  and aspiring to live generously.