Family photograph at the beach

Love Binds This Family

This blog post is long over due.  Not because it hasn’t been on my mind and heart but because I felt like the web site was not quite ready to go public.  But ya know? That’s ok.  I’m just gonna roll with it and move forward because I am in great need of place to show off my awesome clients.  I can’t hold back the tide anymore.  Let the chips falls where they may.



This Rowe & Hawkins clan makes me feel like home.  They are the real deal. Families like this are the reason I love what I do.  You know when you meet someone you’ve never met before and you feel like friends from the start?

Their love for each other and their special little place by the sea takes my heart and gives it a big ol’ squeeze.


They’ve been coming to this special place for thirty-ish years.

Which means they are now bringing their littles to the same place they once played and ate sticky smore’s.



They wanted some special way to celebrate the upcoming baptism of these three sweet cousins.


This shell has been used at the baptism of all their family members.  How cool is that?


And so I’d like you to meet the next generation of this sand-between-your-toes family…

The generous hearted one.cathyrobertsphotography_6702-2cathyrobertsphotography_6716-17

The deep soul.cathyrobertsphotographyDSC_6831


The future biologist.


The free spirit.


As I created a custom collage for them I knew that the theme would be Love Binds This Family.