Newborn Baby Jesse – 10 days new

Jesse’s Mama is the kind of person who is loved by everyone who meets her. She is kind, generous, humble, and a great cheerleader to all. She will always put herself last and try to put a smile in your day. And so it was my great privilege to be able to capture some special […]

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Mission Hills High School Senior – Gina

She is smart, strong, funny, interesting, has a never give up attitude and is flat our beautiful inside and out. She is a remarkable sister, student and a dedicated and intense midfielder for the Surf Soccer Club I’m a little biased because she happens to be one of many fabulous nieces I am so fortunate […]

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Family Walking Away

Because Real Really is Awesome

It’s sort of been my mantra here on the webhome. Because Real Is Awesome. It’s why I do what I do. The Nolte Fam is about as real as it gets. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way about them. I can see it in their friends. I can see it […]

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I think the day that everyone found out that Becky was coming back to town I heard a shout of joy reverberating all over town. Life in a small town can be like that. It’s very endearing. U.S. Bank chose well and I was thrilled to get the call for a head shot session for […]

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Family photograph at the beach

Love Binds This Family

This blog post is long over due.  Not because it hasn’t been on my mind and heart but because I felt like the web site was not quite ready to go public.  But ya know? That’s ok.  I’m just gonna roll with it and move forward because I am in great need of place to […]

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